July 11, 2006


Having just finished a biscornu for an exchange on the Legacy board, I got to thinking about the first one I stitched.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Legacy Biscornu Exchange Package

I had signed up for an Indigo Rose class through Elegant Stitch for Mary's Pin Pillow. Kit in hand, class already done and I hadn't even opened it. :( Next up in my never ending stitching pile was a Shepherd's Bush design - Elizabethan Pincushion. I had passed this one over many times, just wasn't sure how I was going to finish it. This time however, light bulbs started going off so, my first biscornu was born.

I fell in love with the biscornu! I spent time pouring through every chart I had, pulling those out I thought would be a suitable design, some perfect, some needing tweaking. The Sweetheart Tree, Just Nan, Lorri Birmingham and of course, Indigo Rose. Some designs have worked better than others, here are some of my favorites......

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Shepherd's Bush - Elizabethan Pincushion

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Just Nan - Tiny Garden Square

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Sweetheart Tree - Ladybug's Lament

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Indigo Rose - Mary's Pin Pillow

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Anonymous Anonymous said:
Deb, this is wonderful. And that new Biscornu is a work of art. I love it. You are truly an artist. Thanks for sharing your blog with me. When I get mine set up, I'll send you a link.
Blogger Katrina said:
Hi Deb, Katrina from New Zealand here - I was so happy to see you had a blog. Your online album is truly an inspiration, I always spend hours admiring your finishes, and thinking to myself "now I could I do that with my finish", lol.

Thanks for sharing these lovely biscornu's :)
Blogger Anita said:
I am so excited to see you have
a blog too. I always
am looking at your picture trail
albums for new insight.
Anonymous Anonymous said:
Deb, I LOVE looking at your stitching. You have the most wonderful albums which I have bookmarked and look at them often and now I will also enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work.
Blogger Unknown said:
Great that you now have a blog Deb. I just love your stitching and finishing and think you are one pretty clever lady. Katrina and I have been away with other friends this weekend and she mentioned to me that you had a blog. I wondered where you were.

I will drop by here often.
I am just salivating at how wonderful the exchange biscornu is. It's truly a work of art.

If you get a moment, could you maybe let me know which pattern/kit you used please?
Blogger Shawkl said:
Your blog is just beautiful! So stylish!

And your stitching is so very pretty and feminine! Love it all!!

Blogger ewamaison said:
comme ces biscornus sont beaux !!! felicitations !!! ewa