August 22, 2006

And So It Begins.....

At last, a small start on the chest - don't gasp - this is only a primer coat. :) Not looking forward to the sanding that would have been required, I whined about it to just the right person who came up with this nifty product for me! Very ugly at the moment, but hours ahead of where I thought I'd be right now.

As much as I wanted and love this chest, I'm now cursing it daily. I realized that once it's finished I have to make space for it. And since I'm making space for it - shouldn't I go ahead and do some organizing, after all, that's why I wanted it. And while I'm at it, shouldn't this chest have newly painted walls as a background? And if the walls have to be painted, doesn't the ceiling need a fresh coat too? And while I'm up there painting, shouldn't the ceiling fan be given a good cleaning? And the closet? We'll just leave that one alone for now. There's only so much my brain can handle.....

Not much on the personal stitching front these past few weeks - I did treat myself with a scissor fob kit from Linda Driskell that has been sitting in my "to do" pile forever. Wanting a challenge I thought it was the perfect thing. It turned out nicely although if I ever stitched another I wouldn't choose the color scheme she used, I think it would be drop dead gorgeous tone on tone.

'til next time

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Anonymous Anonymous said:
Deb, I think you may have forgotten that you probably need new curtains in that room to go with the new furniture. :) Just trying to be helpful. Seriously, what a gem of a will enjoy playing with it while loading it up and you'll feel so organized once you get there.
Blogger Deb said:
Drapes, then the throw on the rocking chair that I never use, then the throw rug that I don't particularly like, the pots my plants are in, the candles - no, No, NO....... see what you've done! LOL
Deb, Thanks for your comment on my brand new blog. As you are such a wonderful finisher, I feel your compliments are a great honor!

If you change your mind about replacing the candles, feel free to contact me. I sometimes sell PartyLite (LOL).
Blogger lena-lou said:
Hi, I am so happy to find you have a blog as I LOVE your stitching is my favourite one of all!! You are very talented and have done so much beautiful work...I will visit your blog often :-))
PS. That was some storm ordeal you went through!