August 30, 2006

How Old.......

does a WIP have to be before it's promoted (shouldn't that be demoted) to UFO status? And once a UFO, how long before it's declared hopelessly dead?

I am, with 2 exceptions, a one at a time stitcher. In my quest to organize and clean the "room" I came across both pieces.

The design is K. Nicholaus Claus, Saint from The Cricket Collection and should look like this when completed:

Started sometime in the mid 1980's, it has the distinct honor of being my only UFO.

There's really not much left to do to complete him, so why haven't I? Perhaps I no longer have the arrogance of youth (i.e. - perfect eyesight) I had when I started it and made the decision to stitch over one on 32ct. That shouldn't be it, I do enjoy stitching over one in small doses. Maybe it's the prospect of finishing the fur lining on his jacket, in my arrogance I decided it would look so great with 2 strands of floss instead of 1, why oh why didn't I finish that portion back then? Whatever the case, I am determined to have him finished before the end of the year, I don't want to be known as the stitcher who killed Santa Claus. :)

The WIP is not nearly as old - perhaps a year, but still bugs me. I keep trying to find my way back to it but don't see that happening in the near future.

While one of my favorite SB designs, it is an older one and occasionally (usually at 3am when I should be sleeping), little glimmers of ideas pop into my head on ways to update it. Hopefully by the time I actually finish it I'll remember them, if not, I'll remember I thought it brilliant at the time!


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Blogger lena-lou said:
I have that SB design and must say the colours on your pic look alot nicer than they do on my charts pic and what I thought they is lovely and will be so nice if you do it.
Blogger Leah said:
I really like that Santa design. Good luck finishing him up!!