October 7, 2006

Still alive......

I'm still here, just really swamped. The chest is still in the works, the room is being painted within the week. I snuck in a couple of finishes in the past month - where does the time go?

Shepherd's Bush - Witch Necklace

Patricia Ann Designs - Rose For Every Season

Ursula Michael - Shimmering Snowflake

Hopefully it won't be as long until my next update. Maybe, just maybe, I'll have some pictures to share.

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Blogger lena-lou said:
Hi, nice to see you back blogging and lovely finishes, I especially like your Biscornu as I have yet to tackle one of those, they look fun and interesting to do!!
hello! Just finished my first Biscornu and did a google image search to see who else had been busy, and found your BEAUTIFUL biscornus.

They are without a doubt, the prettiest I have seen and I'm on a mission now to hunt out the kits or patterns to stitch as they put mine to shame.

Super, super job!!!