March 30, 2008

HOE Biscornu Exchange.....

I participated in the biscornu exchange over on the Hooked On Exchanging blog, you know I can't pass up making a biscornu! :)

I received a beautiful biscornu from Sonda along with ribbon, fabric, Silk Weaver linen, Carrie's Creations floss and a lovely chart from Crown & Thistle titled Witches Pocket - all Halloween related.

My package was a couple of days late but flew to my partner Becky arriving in just 2 days.

I was really happy to hear it arrived, I always end up with butterflies in my stomach worrying that my partner won't like what I've stitched or will dislike the goodies I've enclosed. Does this happen to anybody else or is it just me?

Thanks for the kind comments on my new blog look - I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed programming and it's been lots of fun. So much fun that I offered to do one for a friend but she informed me that she wasn't ready for a change until summer! LOL

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Blogger Marie said:
I just saw this Biscornu on Becky's blog and had to stop by and visit your blog. Your work is gorgeous! :)
Blogger BeckySC said:
I too saw your exchange for Becky! Absolutely gorgeous :)
You do such wonderful finishing :)
Blogger lena-lou said:
Very wierd and strange my comment only half published !!

I shall try again.................................

I had said that I thought your Biscornu is perfect, an absolutely stunning piece of work :))

I don't know why you should worry about your exchanges but I have to confess I am the same. I also worry about it going missing from A to B !!

So from one silly girl to another ;-) take care and have a great week :))
Blogger Carol R said:
Adore your biscornu - such perfection!
Blogger Carol said:
Both are so beautiful - congratulations!! I hope you join us in another exchange soon :-)
Blogger Lucia said:
My English is poor but i saw your biscornu and it is lovely. I answer: Are you the design?
Congratulations, a very beautiful biscornu...
Blogger mimimira said:
Beautiful work! Your biscornu is adorable!
Greetings from Bulgaria
That is so beautiful!!!!
Blogger JariJari said:
Wow!!! Very elegant looking biscornu
Totally and completely perfect. You are THE best finisher I know and your stitching is just exquisite and I wish you lived across the street from me. Love always Patti xxx
Blogger Coco said:
So beautiful ! I love it !!!!!
That is the most gorgeous biscornu I have ever seen!

Michele B
Blogger Janaina said:
That is NOT a biscornu...
Congratulations! Amazing work!
Blogger Dovilė said:
Perfect your biscornu, very interesting :)