April 25, 2008

HOE Pinkeep Exchange.....

I'm very late posting pictures of the beautiful pinkeep exchange package I received from Yuko.

Also included was a package of lovely trim, cute buttons, fabric and a package of cherry blossom scented bath goodies.

Yuko has more pictures of the pinkeep on her blog that show the lovely pins she made. If you look closely, you can see that she incorporated both our initials in the design, very clever.

Pinkeep Exchange Package from Yuko

Pinkeep from Yuko

I sent to Veronica and had a great time putting her package together. If you get a minute, visit her blog and take a peek at the lovely pinkeep she made for this exchange.

Pinkeep exchange package to Veronica

Pinkeep to Veronica

Pinkeep to Veronica - back

In other news - I'm happy to say that the big Photo Album move is finally over and the link has been changed both here and on my website.

Thanks for visiting!

Edited to fix the link to the Photo Album - sigh......

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Blogger Nicole said:
Both pinkeeps are beautiful Deb! What a great exchange on both sides! :)
Blogger Sonda said:
Those are so lovely. I love the round pinkeep you made. What a treat to see!
What a really lovely exchange. If I knew I was going to get you for an exchange I would definitely do it. I love love love what you stitched and also what Yuku stitched for you.