April 28, 2008

Rhapsody In Red Part III.....

Late again (to those of you shaking your head and saying what's new about you being late? - quiet please LOL)! This set was scheduled to be released in March but of course I caught the flu, delay #1. The end was finally in sight when my alter ego "Ms. Picky" made an appearance and delayed the release a bit longer. I think Diane and I are still not believing it's really finished. I truly hope it was worth the wait.

Rhapsody In Red Part III - Sampler Cove Designs

Floss Box, Scissor Fob, Tape Measure and Pin Keep

The final set of smalls is supposed to be finished in May, I'll be racing to meet the deadline (please wish me luck - I think I'm going to need some) and then on to the very special final piece in this series.

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Blogger Debs said:
I think it was worth the wait, the set is stunning. Can't wait to see the rest of the smalls. Love that floss box!
Blogger Carol R said:
Worth the wait? Absolutely! Well done Deb
Blogger Michele said:
being a RED girl .. I definately think it was worth the wait! They are lovely :)

It is definitely worth the wait. GORGEOUS is what it is :)
Anonymous Anonymous said:
I don't know what you were being picky about, but it certainly looks perfect to me ... And now that I've seen this set, I'm not sure I could resist stitching it in red myself (maybe I'd just have to stitch it twice, LOL), because it's a BOMBSHELL! YOWZA!
Anonymous Anonymous said:
This set is really gorgeous!!
Anonymous Anonymous said:
Most DEFINITELY worth waiting for - as soon as I saw a piccie it went straight onto the wishlist (after I'd wiped the drool off the keyboard!) ... it's a total stunner!! Awesome job :D
Blogger Olga said:
It is worth the wait. The set is stunning!
Blogger Rosy262 said:
Ma è un set fantastico!!!
Complimenti Rosy from Italy
Blogger Deb said:
Really red and rockin', Deb. I love this collection. It's beautiful.