May 29, 2008

It's hard to believe.....

that the month is almost over! I know this is a recurring complaint of mine but where the heck did it go? The first part of May is always hectic, there's Mother's Day and then we have 5 birthdays with just 4 days in between each one. My birthday is the last of the 5 and honestly, by the time it arrives I'm just relieved to see it come and go. :)

I treated myself to a new wireless All-In-One printer - the perfect size for my work room, one less reason to run up and down the stairs, always a good thing.

I had planned to take a day or two off and stitch but got side tracked by another project I've been wanting to get to for a while.

The little basket started out as a prototype for a finishing job but then I decided to make it match the thread drops. It also gave me an excuse to play in my collection of scrapbook paper, something else I rarely get a chance to do lately.

I can't forget to show you a picture of Roxy (she belongs to my neighbor) all decked out for a bachelorette party - I couldn't get her to give the sticks up long enough to get a picture without, still cute though.

For those of you who missed out on the Blackbird Sampler fabric last time, I unearthed more - pictures have been updated, details can be found HERE

Thanks for all the wonderful comments about RIR3, I really appreciate it!


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Blogger Debs said:
How on earth did you make those? I want some. Cool basket too. Everything looks great, and Happy Birthday.
Blogger Anne said:
Waouh! I love your thread drops, they are so beautiful!!!
Blogger Carol R said:
How can I make those thread drops - they are lovely? Pretty basket too.

Roxy looks so cute in her headress
Blogger Deb said:
Love your thread drops, Deb. It's been a long time since we've caught up with each other...we need an email chat!! Things are looking great for you. I've been out for 5-6 wks w/ hosp. stay and recoup..yeck! So good to see your blog and find out what you're up to. Sending hugs,
Anonymous Anonymous said:
Those are VERY cool thread drops! I can't wait to see more! :)
Anonymous Anonymous said:
Hi Deb,

I'm interested in a few of your fabrics, but I can only find 4 that I really want to buy. Could we work out a price plus shipping? - I'm in the UK. Please email me: jonandkarenv @ tiscali . co . uk (remove spaces!)