March 10, 2009

HOE Biscornu exchange to Sally.....

Sally has received the biscornu exchange package I sent.

I don't think it's any secret that I love creating these little tuffets. For some reason though, I had a very hard time deciding on what to stitch this time. I started several different designs with several different color combinations before I made up my mind. This one is a variation of Indigo Rose's Pretty In Pink. It's hard to tell in the photo but it's stitched on R&R 30ct Elizabethan Green linen with Gloriana and NPI silk. Instead of stitching a back, I opted for a dupioni silk and edged it with Miyuki metallic blue beads. Despite my indecision, I really love how this one turned out.

Still catching up on email - Patti, Angela, I haven't forgotten you, promise!

'Til next time.....

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Anonymous Anonymous said:
Wow Deb this looks quite amazing and VERY perfectly done :-))
Enjoy the rest of the week
Blogger Carol R said:
A stunning biscornu Deb - I love it!
I am sure Sally will love it! Beautiful!!!
Deb that is to DIE for! I LOVE IT! I am mailing mine off tomorrow and mine is backed in fabric too. I'm so sorry to see it go because I love Biscornus. Lots of Love Patti xxx
How pretty is that .....
Blogger Theresa said:
It is amazing!!!!! I love the colors and bows and everything!!!
Blogger Dovilė said:
perfect biscornu, I love it :)
Blogger Lynn B said:
Oh my gosh Deb it's gorgeous, now I am reminded of why I was nervous stitching mine for you! I am a novice compared to this one! LOL!!!
Blogger Jeanie said:
Stunning and awesome !!! It's the most beautiful biscornu !!!
Anonymous Anonymous said:
How gorgeous is that! Oh my, I'd have a hard time parting with that one therefore I'd have to stitch two :-) Sally will love it!
Blogger Cindy F. said:
That is a wonderful exchange package! Your biscornu is absolutely beautiful and finished perfectly:) Good job!
Anonymous Anonymous said:
love the biscornu it has turned out brill well done.
Blogger Cindy said:
Oh gosh..this biscornu is so beautiful and unique!
Blogger Maria said:
beautiful biscornu ;)
Blogger Diane (di) said:
What a gorgeous biscornu and blog Deb. That bow is such a wonderful idea. Beautiful!!
Blogger Milly~ said:
Just gorgeous biscornu Deb. First time visiting your blog and it's been a joy.
Blogger Michele said:
what a lovely biscornu! I'm sure Sally loves it!
Blogger nela said: