April 18, 2009

Long overdue thanks.....

is due to dear sweet Patti for RAKing me with a Drawn Thread kit from my wishlist. I've lusted wanted this kit for some time but never got around to ordering it. It was an unexpected and very much appreciated surprise.

RAK from Patti

I've been stash shopping again, a little fabric, a few lovely Gloriana silk ribbons and the chenille trim used on a few Blackbird Designs projects.

For those of you who might be interested - the Rhapsody In Red blog is open. There are a very limited number of finishing kits left, information can be found on the blog.

Thanks for visiting!

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Blogger Carol R said:
Such a lovely gift from sweet generous Patti!
And just look at your new fabric and ribbons - lovely!
Anonymous Vee said:
Love your fabrics and the silk ribbons are luscious. Cant wait to see how you finish your Drawn Thread piece.
You are so very welcome my little friend. I just love all your new fabrics but especially the green one with the little flowers on it (third row second one down), the one with the dots on it (fourth row third one down) and I'm not sure if it is one or two in the second row - looking from the left, the bottom one too and the Moda Collections for a Cause because they are all so gorgeous. Love the ribbons too - I just love their ribbons. In fact looking at these fabrics there isn't much that don't love! Lots of Love Patti xxx
Blogger Amy said:
WOW! What a nice surprise,enjoy!Your ribbons are wonderful...I have 10 yds of the Chenille trim coming to me...I have eight of thier patterns I want to start on....Amy
Blogger Siobhán said:
What a great RAK!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric & fiber stash haul. Everything is luscious!
Blogger angelasweby said:
What a nice present from patti.I love your fabrics and ribbons. I can see why you were tempted beyond control..haha! The fabrics with sampler alphabets on are still hugely popular.
Enjoy it all.
Warm hugs Angela
Blogger Cindy F. said:
That Patti is just too precious:)

Oh boy! do I ever love all your fabrics and ribbons! Beautiful goodies!
Blogger Jeanne said:
Wow - great stash haul!! I find the more depressing the news is (economy etc) the more I want to buy stash. Like my co-worker says, it's cheaper than a therapist. :)
Blogger sitandsew said:
Hello, I love your new stash ! I would like to know where you've bought the chenille trim ? Thanks