May 20, 2009

Beach House Pincushion.....

What does a restless night and a link for a tutorial result in?

I don't sleep much so when my head hits the pillow I'm asleep. Dead asleep. Just ask anybody who's ever tried to wake me. And when I wake up, I'm wide awake.

Occasionally though, something goes haywire (we won't talk about the late night piece of chocolate in an otherwise caffeine free diet that could be the cause) and I just toss and turn until I finally fall asleep. This time I decided to do something productive, who cares if it was 3am? I mean, what's the use of all that tossing and turning anyway? It never helps. Nor does punching the pillow or flipping it over or tossing the covers off only to pull them back on again.

Most times, my brain takes off on a tangent during the tossing and turning phase which doesn't help matters any. Usually silly stuff that seems very important at the time. Very much on my mind this night was the need to replace a 5 year old pincushion that has definitely seen better days. Add that to an email sitting in my inbox from Debs with a tutorial for a biscornu made from fabric. I knew what fabric I wanted to use - Blackbird's Beach House line. So I flew out of bed, turned on my laptop and sewing machine, lugged my rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat out, I was on a mission.

All of this sounds like a brilliant use of time doesn't it? I thought so, until I actually sat down at the sewing machine and couldn't see what I was doing because I was yawning non-stop. I was determined to finish though, how hard could it be? I discovered that I have no patience when I'm tired. None. Which is why, after ripping seams twice just sewing the 4 patches together and attempting to sew them into a biscornu shape twice, I gave up and went to bed.

I woke with the intention to finish it and another idea already rattling around in my brain. I had all that lovely chenille trim that I hadn't played with yet. And wait, I also have that huge bag of crushed walnut shells. Why not make a square pincushion and trim it with the chenille? I'm really pleased with the outcome but learned a lesson, next time I'll just stay in bed and toss and turn. Or better yet, maybe I'll think twice about that piece of chocolate. :)

Not much else going on, I took advantage of a birthday discount and stocked up on some lovely colors of Weeks Dye Works wool and a pattern from Fig Tree Quilts.

And in the garden.....

Cathy L - Organizing can be over-rated, especially those times I can't find things I know I have but can't remember where I 'organized' them to!

Angela - The bone folder - I use it to crease paper and poster board but it's also handy to poke out fabrics corners.

Helen - I wish I had room for another shoe organizer on top of the first. It's set up in a closet and the shelf above has a bracket that's in the way. :(

To clear some confusion I caused in my last post - the Joann's order was the picture with the scissors etc. The ribbons were from 2 different online shops.

Thanks for visiting!

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Blogger Jan said:
Such a lovely pincushion, Deb. Just sorry you had to lose sleep over it. I have nights like that too, and often think I should just get up and do something, and then realize it would be foolhardy of me to try.
I admire that you got up and got to work. I toss and turn and do nothing.... Love your pincushion ~ it couldn't be cuter!!!
Blogger Unknown said:
Love your pincushion! I usually keep a drawing journal by my bed so that when I can't sleep I draw my next mixed media art idea or idea for the novel I'm writing. Sometimes the best ideas come at night!
Blogger Debs said:
Love the pincushion and the fabrics you used. Very cute. On the sleep issue--I usually just stay in bed, tossing and turning. But, if I'm still awake due to a certain person snoring, I definitely get up but only read until I can get my eyes tired. You are much more ambitious than I am.
Blogger Carol R said:
Love the pincushion Deb - very classy!

If I can't sleep I end up surfing blogs!
Blogger Nicole said:
What a sweet pin cushion! I love the fabric and the trim! You should send a picture to Barb and Alma - I bet they'd love it!
Love the pincushion with a vengeance. Thanks so much for the links because I have wanted to do something small with patchwork and this is the perfect opportunity. Now insofar as not being able to sleep at night get yourself an ipod and join and get some books and lay in bed listening to books and trust me they send you to sleep. Lots of Love Patti xxx
Blogger angelasweby said:
Well, Deb,
You may have had a sleepless night but you've got something very pretty from it - and useful too. Those fabrics are gorgeous and the trim is absolutely lovely.

Thank you so much for the explanation of the bone folder. I just love little gadgets and can already see 101 uses for such a clever little tool :>)
Warm hugs Angela
Blogger Andrea said:
Love this Deb, it's just gorgeous!! I can't find that chenille trim anywhere, even on the website you listed for it. Not that I could use it mind you, just turn around and send it to you, to use on something for me, lol!
*cough* anyway, ever think about just selling me one of these? ;-)
your unskilled friend,
Anonymous nataliejo said:
What a gorgeous finish ! I love your idea of putting chenille trim ! It is always a pleasure to visit your blog :-)
Blogger Coco said:
I love your pincushion ! Really :-)))
Blogger Sheila said:
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Blogger Cindy F. said:
LOVE the pincushion finish!! Beautiful job Deb!!
Blogger lena-lou said:
Lovely fabrics , very lovely pincushion the chenille edging is gorgeous, I'd keep stroking it to have a feel LOL !

I tend to get up and do something if I am tossing and turning otherwise I just end up getting frustrated!(Not that I have ever got my sewing machine out in the middle of the night , yet lol ! However, if I had a stitching room with it out all the time - now that might be quite a different story ;-)

Your wool felts look really nice too :)