May 10, 2009


I know I've mentioned organizing my work space far too many times in my posts. With a steady stream of stash and finishing supplies coming through the door it's a necessity, especially when dealing with limited space. Sometimes thinking waaaay outside the box is a good thing. Sometimes not. I thought the shoe organizer shown below was the perfect answer for my out of control fabric stash. Slowly but surely I've worked on ironing, refolding and stacking. With it already 75% full and 50% of my fabric still to do, I've come to the sad conclusion that there's not the slimmest chance it will all fit. Back to the drawing board.

In this economy I find myself trying to be a smarter stash shopper. I don't know about everybody else but shipping charges are a huge consideration. I automatically pass by those shops that charge a flat rate based on the dollar amount spent. Instead of ordering 1 thing, I make lists and try to order as much as possible from 1 source. When possible, I try to stock up during sales. I lucked out with an order from Joanns, all I really needed/wanted was the pinking Olfa cutter and the bone folder. With a coupon for free shipping with a $25 purchase, I added the rest of the items, all on sale, for a grand total of $26.43.

Shots from the garden.....

As always, thanks for taking the time, I really appreciate it. :)

The chenille trim used in the Blackbird Designs comes from The Quilter's Station, lovely ladies to order from.

Games again.....
Up for grabs is Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst - unopened CD and a gift certificate for Azada.

Sadly, none for now but have 1 for sure and 1 I'm still thinking about exchange coming up along with a looming PIF deadline which surely means I have to find some time somehow or another. Woohoo!

Thanks for visiting!

Oops, before I go, please note that I've changed my email address if you hit the contact me link - I'm still having problems with Yahoo mail.

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Blogger Jane said:
My stash needs a bit of organising too! It's getting way too much out of control. Great job you're doing with yours.
Blogger Unknown said:
Your garden pics are lovely!
Blogger Cindy F. said:
Your beautiful fabrics look so nice in the shoe shelves...shame it's not enough space.
(I have to have my craftroom organized too, or I won't work in there!) Hey, I have one more cancer ornie to stitch and then I'll be in touch with you re: their finishes...@ your new email address! Have a great week Deb!
Blogger Angela said:
Oh my goodness, did I have fun enlarging your picture and looking at all the wonderful goodies on show. Your fabric shelves look so neat and so inspiring but I can see your problem with the ever decreasing space. Like you, i do find it hard to say no when I see beautiful fabric and I'm always worried it will sell out so I often buy more than i need but fabric swopping with friends is fun.

I love your ribbons and the scissors are just gorgeous. You really did get some good bargains at Joanns. Can I ask what the bone folder is for - curious as always especially when it comes to tools :>)
Hugs Angela
Blogger lena-lou said:
I really like the storage unit you have chosen for your fabrics - can you not put another on the top of it and screw it to the wall? Of course I have no idea how big they are ;-) Anyway it looks very nice !

Love the ribbons you have got there from Joanns especially what look like silk ones on the end !

Have a nice week Deb x
Blogger Cathy Lloyd said:
Organizing is over-rated! But your shoe storage is a fabulous idea! Humm....
Blogger Julie said:
I know this is looooong overdue of a response to this post, but I love the look of the shoe organizer housing your fabric. It really looks good. Awesome items with your order too.