May 26, 2009

Thank you(s) all around.....

A big thank you to everybody for the comments both here and via email about the Beach House pincushion. Who knew my sleepless night would turn out so well?

Thanks also for all the suggestions on sleeping but really, it's normally not a problem at all as long as I stay away from the chocolate. :)

Regarding the chenille trim: I should have said that you need to call the ladies at The Quilter's Station to order it.

I received this lovely gift package in the mail over the weekend. Everything is wonderful and gorgeous but.....

don't you just love the vintage ribbon? Thank you again Ms. H!

Last but not least, in the garden this week ~

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Blogger Margaret said:
Oh I love that ribbon!!! Fantastic -- what a great gift of stash you got! Great garden pics.
Blogger Coco said:
I love these ribbons too. I've got the same with my initials and others with numbers or just one letter...
I made the umbrella (it's for sun, not for rain but I don't know the word in english))) ! and I love it too !!
Oh Deb what a great gift of stash you got. But what I really really really love is that ribbon! It just the bestest thing ever! Use it all in good health. All my Love Patti xxx
Blogger Cindy F. said:
Yes! I do love the ribbon:) I have been searching on and off for a while now, but can't find my initials:(
Pretty garden pics!
Anonymous Anonymous said:
love your parcel pincushion and your garden looks wonderful.. well done
Blogger valerie said:
Lovely photos of your garden! I love the ribbon...I wonder where you can find it. That was a very sweet gift!