December 23, 2006

Stitching again, finally.....

and what a fun stitch it was. :) One of Shepherd's Bush latest releases and just in time for Christmas, I left off some bits and made an ornament out of it.

The mail has brought some lovely cards and unexpected gifts the past few weeks, a bookmark, spa kit, a CA Wells kit, 2 Shepherd's Bush kits, chocolates and a beautiful handmade softer than soft scarf and hat:

I know I've said it before but I'll say again, I'm very blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Thanks for the comments and well wishes - the finger is doing fine. I'd love to share with you all but don't think they'd survive the trip overseas. On the other hand - they might make it to you before my poor brother receives his package, another story I'll save for next time, the saga continues, really no surprise there....

Heather, consider yourself adopted, but truly, if I were you and you were me and I saw you walking towards me, I'd run the other direction as fast as I could! You never know what will rub off....LOL

Helen, don't you just love reading that somebody else has the same kind of madness going on in their life, somehow it makes it a little easier when you know you aren't alone!

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Blogger Nicole said:
Jingle turned out so pretty! I wanted to get this finished by Christmas also, but I never got it started! Unfortunately I don't think I can get it done in two days. :) Congrats on the very pretty finish - I love how you made it into a pinkeep!
Anonymous Anonymous said:
The pinkeep is just gorgeous, as are all your finishes. I wish I could make bows like you, are your tassels are to die for :o) Happy Holidays.
Anonymous Anonymous said:
Well, I see that finger isn't getting in the way of your being able to produce stitching finishes up to the standards we expect from you! It's perfect, as always. (And I'm thrilled to be adopted, though I think you might be the one who should worry about what from me could rub off on you ... If Luck were my last name, Bad would be my middle name ... sigh.)
Blogger Susimac said:
Merry Christmas to you and yours. I so enjoy reading you blog and seeing all your beautiful works

Anonymous Anonymous said:
Deb, I love your SB Jingle!! I may need to get this one and then sent it to you for finishing, it's just too cute!!
Glad your finger is better, just reading about it made my tummy flip....ouch!
Happy New Year to you :)
Blogger Deborah said:
Hey Deb, I didn't know you had a blog! Good to "see" you more, lol! Off to look around some more...
Anonymous Anonymous said:
Hi Deb ! what a nice job you achieved on Jingle ! I hadn't even noticed it on SB website ! but here, seeing yours so cute, now I want it immediately !!
All my best wishes for the coming year !
Anonymous Anonymous said:
I just love this SB design. You did such a good job finishing it and I love the idea. The chart is on my wish list and Santa did not give it to me this year..hahah.
Have a happy new year.
Blogger lena-lou said:
Hi Deb, So glad to read your finger is much better and is good to know I am not alone with a mad!!
You have made a brill job of Jingle finishing it that way, I was just earlier debating ordering that and the new snowman one they are both so nice :)Hope you had a great Christmas I somehow missed this posting?? Have a Wonderful New Year and I promise to email you very soon...all the best for 2007. We are away to my brothers near London in the morning for the celebrations :))Take care!
Anonymous Anonymous said:
Your Pinkeep it's so beautiful !
Good idea.
Happy new year