April 6, 2007

This and that.....

Remember my post some time ago about my dirty little secret? I'm happy to say that I've made peace with my sewing machine. Perhaps it was just writing about it, perhaps I finally realized it's just a machine. Either way, here's a picture of my new best friend!

A friend asked if I could stitch a tape measure case for her like one I had done for an exchange almost a year ago now. While stitching it, I realized that on today's date it would be 1 year from a time I wasn't sure if my step-father was going to make it. Told by many doctors that even if he did pull through, he would be left with any number of health issues, he is alive and fully recovered. It's amazing to me at times the feelings and thoughts that a little scrap of linen and floss will bring about.

Like most of the country, the tempurature has plummeted to below freezing. I welcome the break from the unseasonably warm weather we had last week but have been worried about the effect on plants just blooming and my latest visitors:

Thanks so much for the comments on the French Heart bag and again to Su for her idea.

Hey Cari, thanks for stopping by, it's nice to see you.

Silver Thistle (I'm sorry to keep calling you that but can't find another name) - nope, I didn't really get it fixed, just figured out that the Yahoo ad was cauing the problem and decided it was worth the upgrade to get rid of it. LOL

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Blogger Katrina said:
Love the tape measure case it's so cute. Beautiful sewing machine too. My grandmother had one so seeing yours brings back lots of childhood memories :-).
Anonymous Anonymous said:
What a gorgeous sewing machine that is ... and thanks for sharing the lovely little bunnies, too -- so cute!
Blogger Debs said:
That machine looks so familiar, I had one just like it to make my oldest son's baby clothes. And you make such great use of it. Your finishes are spectacular. Thanks for the shots of the bunnies, they are adorable.
Fantastic sewing machine!

Those little rabbits are adorable. Hope they're ok with the bad weather.

We've had freak weather here lately. Since last summer actually (when we had real summer weather), and we didn't see a flake of snow this past winter, which is unheard of here in Scotland. This Easter weekend has been a record high and people were out sunbathing! lol.

(It's Sonya BTW - but I'll answer to anything, heheh :D )
Blogger lena-lou said:
Glad to hear you are making friends with that gorgeous sewing machine and what a nice finish you have done together :-))

Love the rabbit pictures!
Blogger Deb said:
Hi, Deb,
I'm a first time reader of your blog...had a lovely time! Those sweet little bunnies. Poor things, I hope they are okay. Your sewing machine is to die for! So lucky to have it, and I love your Shepherd's Bush pieces. Just so delicate and pretty.
Deb in FL
Blogger Kali said:
OH beautiful machine! I have one as well and actually now enjoy using it MORE than my electric! LOL
Anonymous Anonymous said:
I learned to sew on a sewing machine like that! Wow, did that bring back memories! I have no idea what my mother did with it after we bought our very first electric one... wish we would have kept it!