July 13, 2007

Random Stuff.....

First, thanks for the birthday wishes and concern, I do appreciate it. :)

I had hoped I would be caught up on e-mail by the time of this post, thought I was in fact, only to find half a dozen e-mails I started in my draft folder. I've been wondering why I hadn't received replies, now I know why. LOL

So back to the e-mail I go after this post, if you've been expecting to hear from me and haven't by tomorrow, please let me know.

No posts from me usually mean no stitching time and that's been the case until this week, I decided to stay up an hour or so later than normal for a couple of nights to complete this fob:

Shepherd's Bush - Glory Fob

One of the latest releases from Shepherd's Bush, I also picked up Wishing Sheep and Life & Liberty. The rest are what I call "big count" kits and I'm not overly fond of them, I don't really know why.

Since I don't have much in the way of stitching to share, I thought I'd share another passion of mine - bookmarks. Sounds silly I know. I read a lot, so much so that for the most part, I can pick up a book I've already read 6 months from now and have forgotten enough about it to read it again and enjoy it just as much the 2nd time round. If I'm not stitching or finishing, it's almost a sure bet I have a book in hand. Here are some of my latest finds:

A funny aside here, I ran across old report cards last week and noticed a C- in reading on a couple. I asked my mom just how that could be, I've been a reader all my life, it really surprised me. The things we forget. :)

Until next time.....

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Blogger Andrea said:
Oh I love that fob Deb! Will have to see if the LNS has it tomorrow when I go. Of course, we know who'll be doing the wonderful finishing ;)
Love all of your bookmarks, very pretty!
Blogger Debs said:
Deb, your fob looks fabulous. Hope I can get mine finished as lovely as you did yours. That rickrack with the beads looks a bit tricky to work. And the bookmarks are really pretty.
Blogger Nicole said:

Your fob turned out so pretty!! You finished it beautifully! :) Your bookmarks are so pretty too. I've been making a ton of fobs lately. Beading is definitely addictive! :)
Such a cute finish! I love what you've done with the rik-rak edging. Very unusual. Super job!

I'm a big reader too. I wish I could get through the books as quickly as I can buy them, lol. I've got soooo many on my 'to-read' list and it just keeps getting longer and longer. Nothing beats a good book though.

Those are lovely bookmarks. Seeing them has got me to wondering why I haven't got a 'thing' for bookmarks too. They link 2 of my (many)hobbies and pastimes.....reading and collecting. Usually I mark my place with the closest electricity bill or envelope to hand, lol.
Anonymous Anonymous said:
The rickrack works so well with this fob that it wouldn't surprise me if you said it came in the kit. The color matches perfectly! I love the idea, but especially how it looks as it turns around the corners. Your creativity in finishing never ceases to amaze me! :)

The bookmarks are fabulous, too -- or fobulous if you prefer that (as a stitcher, LOL). I love looking at those lovelies when I see them in the stores, but I know it would be silly to bring the very expensive -- and potentially dangerous -- cat toys home with me. So I just admire from time to time. Now I can come to your blog for a fix whenever! Yey!
Blogger lena-lou said:
Nice to see you around again and Happy Belated Birthday Wishes all the best to you :-))
Love the fob it looks very effective with the rik rak edging :)
Take care!
Anonymous Anonymous said:
Your fob is an absolute stunner - great job! I love the finishing method, it's gorgeous! Great bookmarks too :D
Blogger Deb said:
Hi, Deb, Just stopping by to see what you're up to! Loved the fobbie!! Just darling...any ol' Shep. Bush for you and me! Right?! LOL So adorable. I absolutely love your bookmarks, too. Let me know how you make them. I collect books and bookmarks. Latest books I've read are: Water for Elephants, and I Feel Bad About My Neck. Both very good. :)
Deb in FL
Anonymous Anonymous said:
I LOVE the fob! Was the rick rack tricky? It looks wonderful!

I am in love with your bookmarks. especially the purple and green one!