August 14, 2007

I received another one of those "feel good" packages from another dear friend this week, I had been told it was coming but had no idea of the contents, was I ever surprised when I opened it!

She not only made both the beautiful crystal scissor keepers but designed and stitched the gorgeous biscornu just for me. Knowing she doesn't have much stitching/crafting time lately makes them all the more special. :)

I think I've contacted everybody who inquired about the stash list, if I missed you please let me know.

Thanks to the help from a wonderful friend, the Twilight chart has been located.

Off to tackle e-mail again, I don't think I'll ever get caught up but do intend to put a dent in it today. LOL


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Blogger Debs said:
Oh, Deb, those crystal fobs are breath-taking, and the biscornu is gorgeous. What a talented friend you have. And how loved you must feel.
Blogger Deb said:
That gift package is gorgeous! I love the biscornu and fobs. Just beautiful, Deb!
Blogger Anita said:
Wow what a precious collection of goodies. I just love the biscornu.
Blogger lena-lou said:
Great and elegant gifts , you have a very talented friend ~:)
Anonymous Anonymous said:
wow this is a rafinate biscornu! You are a artist.I invite you to look my blog