August 28, 2007

A Little Stitching.....

is better than none, at least that's what I'm telling myself this week. :)

Remember the Indigo Rose freebie I was looking for a couple of posts back? That was my intended project this week. I couldn't realistically set aside an entire day but made a good start. I had planned on finishing it as a biscornu but then wasted part of my allotted stitching time brainstorming a different finishing technique. I hope it works out as I'm seeing it in my brain, if not, well, it won't be the first or the last time an idea has tanked. LOL

I'll leave you with a progress picture, hopefully to be followed with a completed picture next week:

Indigo Rose - Twilight


posted by Deb at 9:44 PM |


Blogger Debs said:
Love how this is looking--much better than my choices. It looks so fresh on the light colored fabric. I've posted a pic of mine on my blog. Can't wait to see how you finish this.
Blogger Danielle said:
This looks very cute. It should look great when finished.
Blogger Nicole said:
It's beautiful so far Deb! I love the colors! I'm sure if it will be gorgeous once finished - I can't wait to see it! :)
Blogger Anita said:
I love the colors so far. It is going to be a pretty piece.
Blogger Unknown said:
I've seen several examples of this Indigo Rose design, but I've never found the pattern. May I ask where you found this chart? (pleasant.point @ remove spaces from the e-mail address.

p.s. Your stitchery and finishing are lovely. I especially enjoy looking at the biscornus that you have made.