August 6, 2007

More Random Stuff.....

I still have no stitching time so I thought I'd share a few finds that might be of interest.

This little gizmo was recommended by my brother as an answer to my never ending concerns over losing all the pictures and documents on my computer. It holds 2gb of data, plugs right into any open USB port. Microsoft has a free program called SyncToy, very useful to back up or transfer files. Can be found for around $20 on sale in my area, worth any price for peace of mind.

Another never ending concern is getting organized. I found this last week at Hobby Lobby, $19.99 regular price but even better at $12 with the 40% coupon.

Found at Michaels for around $3, the perfect size to make one of those fabulous cross stitch and fabric covered tins. Measures approximately 5" x 3" x 1.5".

Pretty high on my list of lovely surprises are unexpected packages in the mail. Sent by one of my dearest and perhaps the oldest (to clarify, I do not mean she is old age wise) of my internet friends, I can't even remember now exactly when/how we met. Neither here nor there, I spent a considerable amount of time playing with the crystal pins, dupioni, buttons, ribbons and linen. Thank you again.

Completely random and non-stitching related - 7 months ago I decided to switch a couple of prescriptions to Walmart to take advantage of their new generic drug program. One of those precriptions was for Levoxyl - Walmart's generic version is Levothyroxin. Despite an increase in the dosage, I noticed a return of my old symptoms. Knowing that it takes some time for the levels to even out, I decided to stick it out for the entire 6 months. No improvement, in fact, I continued to feel worse. After speaking with both my doctor and the pharmacist, I discovered that not all thyroid replacement medication is equal. The amount of thryoid hormone is the same but each manufacturer uses different binders and that can make a big difference. I'll be switching back to Levoxyl but thought this information might be helpful to anybody else going through the same thing.

Please do not think I am knocking Walmart, that is simply not the case. I think both they and Target have done a great thing with these programs.

As always, thanks for visiting and for the comments, I am so very bad about leaving comments when I visit your blogs but I'm working on it. :)

The rick rack on the SB fob was their brilliant finishing idea, it is included in the kit. It was a little tricky but well worth it.

I truly wish I could take credit for the beaded bookmarks but no, I don't make them. Most of them came from talented eBay sellers.

I think I've blathered long enough, til next time....

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Anonymous Anonymous said:
Oooooh! Where in Michaels do we look for the tins? And do they have them in any other sizes other than that?

Thanks for the great tips, as always!
Blogger Debs said:
Another excellent post. That first gizmo you wrote about, I think I have one, too. Mine is by Lexar and doesn't hold half as much, and I haven't used it yet--but then again, my album isn't as full as yours. LOL. Love that tin, any plans for it yet?
Blogger Deb said:
Hi, Deb!
I love to see your buying trip stuff! The little black tin is something I have to check out for sure.
You, of all people, know how i am about tins!! LOL
We have a new ACMoore opening up the street from me...I can hardly wait!
Deb in FL
Blogger Deb said:
Heather - I could't begin to tell you where they are in Michaels, I just ran into them, sorry. As for other sizes, I don't think they did but please don't hold me to that. LOL

Debs - You know I have plans, it's just a matter of getting to it, maybe next year......

Deb - :) It's not black, it's silver, that's just my very shoddy picture taking abilities shining through! Those tins are actually pretty hard to find and I was excited to see it, especially at that price, most places online charge twice that. If you don't find any at ACMoore and would like some just yell, I'm happy to help.
Oh how I'd wish that I'd thought to put all my pics onto a usb stick before my laptop decided to call it a day :(

*Note to self* 'back up' is my friend, lol.

How wonderful to see all your lovely finishes and progress pics. It feels like I've never been away :)