August 11, 2007

Wishing Sheep....

You know how they say you should allow yourself a cheat day when you're on a diet? I've decided that rule applies to stitching too. :) While not exactly cheating, I'm setting aside at least one day a week to stitch because not stitching is making me a very cranky lady.

Wishing Sheep - Shepherd's Bush

The color of the linen is not quite right, it's called Pink Whisper and is more pink-lavender than what is showing here.

In my ongoing efforts to organize I've given my stash a good hard look and have a few class kits and charts that are looking for a new home, I promise the price is right. If you'd like to see the list, please either leave a comment or e-mail me.

Given that I am trying to weed out stash and get organized I know this next bit will sound funny but you know how it is when you see a design you have to have! I'm looking for a freebie from Indigo Rose called Twilight.

I started something new that I'm going to try and stick with - I'm replying to comments when they are made rather than typing the same blanket thank you to those of you who comment on my posts, I've always felt a little awkward about that. LOL

Hope everybody is staying cool, I'm counting the days until fall is here.....


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Blogger Nicole said:
That is adorable Deb! I love it! And love your idea - I get very cranky when I don't stitch. In fact I'm getting ready to get settled down with my stitching very soon (as soon as the kids are all asleep)! I love the purple fabric this one is on - a definite must have! :)
Blogger Debs said:
Hi Deb, great finish. I'm interested in the kits and such you mentioned, and I'll get looking for Twilight, see if anyone I know has it. Any idea of how old it is? OH, and I get really testy when I don't get my stitching on a regular basis.
Anonymous Anonymous said:
I bet if you contact Catherine Strickler, she will help you out. I know she can be reached through one of the ezBoards. Let me know if you want me to dig out which one for you ... I can't even place a freebie of hers called Twilight, so I might have to have it, too, especially once you stitch it up, LOL. Please email me the list of stash to go; you know I always want to see what's available. :)
Anonymous Anonymous said:
Hi Deb !! how cute this new sheepie is ! I'll have to include it in my next US order !!
Please email me with your stash list !! ;-)
Blogger Cyndi said:
As my summer vacation comes to an end, along with unlimited stitching time, I think I'll follow your lead and set aside time for stitching so I don't get cranky! Love the Shepherd's Bush pice!
Blogger lena-lou said:
Hi Deb, Thanks again for the eCard :-)) I love your little sheep and I'm glad you fitted some of your own stitching in!! Please can you email me with your stash for sale list. Have a great week ahead :)
Blogger Deb said:
I think we all should put one day aside for stitching, I'm going to try really hard to stick to it. Haven't picked out a piece yet this week.

The SB sheep is very cute, my pictures never do them justice, stitched up very quickly also, instant gratification, the best stitching as far as I'm concerned.

Cyndi, thanks for stopping by. :)

Natalie Jo, looking forward to your return.

Helen, you're welcome, hope you had a wonderful b'day!

Debs, thank for your help locating the chart.

Heather, I'll make sure to send you a copy, I'd never seen it either.

Nicole, I hope you were able to fit some stitching time in, I know how hard it is with little ones to run after. LOL
Blogger January said:
I obviously need to pay more attention to the smaller patterns as well - this sheep is adorable!

And I totally understand about being soothed by stitching. After a bad day at work, nothing makes me feel better...