December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

My oh my, where did this year go?

I managed a very last minute Christmas stitching present, it's a modified version of a new kit from Shepherd's Bush made into an ornament:

Shepherd's Bush - Come

I can finally reveal one of the reasons this year has been so crazy and why I've been a bit of a flake lately. :)

Diane of Sampler Cove contacted me during the summer wanting to know if I would be interested in finishing an upcoming design. I don't think either of us had an inkling at the time that the project would take on a life of it's own. She's already released the first chart - a gorgeous sampler titled Rhapsody In Red.

The second chart is ready for release shortly, the first of 3 charts of smalls using the same motifs and design elements of the large sampler.

Rhapsody In Red Part II - Sampler Cove Designs

Huswife, Biscornu and Thread Winders

There will be a fifth and final chart with a very special design to hold the smalls.

It's been a challenge working with Diane, time differences between here and Thailand, me being sick forever with a cold/strep/bronchitis, her being very patient while I made it through the Christmas rush, me being too picky, but it's oh so very rewarding to see this first set completely finished and photographed.

With that, I wish you all the very best for the New Year!

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posted by Deb at 12:21 PM |


Very, very nice! I'm totally LOVING those! Looks like you've been busy.

All the effort has been worth it though, they look fantastic!

Clever girl :)

Happy New Year to you too, my friend!
Anonymous Anonymous said:
Happy new year, Deb !! May 2008 be filled with happiness and stitches !!!
Your latest finishing work is lovely !
Warmest regards !
Blogger Carol R said:
Happy New Year Deb

Those projects look absolutely gorgeous - well done - perfect finishing as usual!! And I said I was not going to buy anything new until I had caught up on everything else but it looks as though I must have those!!

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog

Blogger Sue said:
Nice Shepherd's Bush ornament!! And Rhapsody in Red is just stunning!!

Happy 2008 ;)
Blogger Wawanna said:
Have just discovered your blog, very impressive stitching! Those designs are awesome as well. Hope you are feeling way much better by now. I am adding your blog to my "visit often" list! You are one oustsanding stitcher and your finishing is exquisite. Thanks for sharing, happy 2008 & may you stitch to your heart's desire.
Blogger Susimac said:
Happy New Year Deb, I just love those finishes you have done - so very lovely.
Blogger lena-lou said:
Hope you have the happiest of New Years Deb. Love the ornie you made and your finishing for the designer is stunning, your being picky has certainly paid off :-)) No wonder she asked you :-))
Blogger Anita said:
Wishing you a year of happiness and good health in 2008. I love your SB ornament. The sampler cove set is a must have for me and your finishing are just awesome. Well done on the finishing, they are so pretty.

I LOVE that you are picky! The SB ornie that you made is just exquisite and I have loved Diane's designs before but this one is just absolutely stunningly beautiful and you have Mrs. Picky finished it beyond perfection. IT'S GORGEOUS and I shall have to have it and you will please finish it for me. Love you Lots and Lots Patti xxx
Blogger Deb said:
Deb, where are you? Are you okay? I love your gorgeous stitches!! That Rhap. in Red is so unbelieveable! Please email...I'm now worrying about you, officially!! Hugs,Deb
Anonymous Anonymous said:
I love this pinkeep !