February 6, 2008

Sniffle, Sniffle.....

croak, croak, cough, cough. I've got another cold and is it any wonder with the crazy weather we've had the past week? The high last Wednesday afternoon was 73, less than 6 hours later the tempurature had dropped to 14, the wind was howling bringing sleet and snow along with it. By Friday morning we had 9" of snow on the ground. Monday brought another high in the 70's, today we are hovering around freezing and have had a mix of rain and snow on and off all day. This is nothing compared to the devastating weather to the east of me last night and my heart goes out to those affected.

I received some very unfortunate news last week that Epson is closing the Photo Album portion of their website on April 30th. While disappointed, I was very happy that they were giving everybody plenty of notice, or so I thought. The albums will be open until April 30th but new photos couldn't be added after Feb. 1st. This news put me in full out panic mode. With almost 900 photos to move and not a clue where to move them, I spent almost an entire day checking out all the available choices. Not really finding anything that fit my needs, I decided to at least find a home for my finishing album and get started on that. All the photos have been moved and at least half have captions, I'll catch up with the rest as I can. I'm also exploring adding a photo album on my website - that involved upgrading which means I have my own little piece of the internet now. :) The link for my new website as well as the new finishing album are listed over on the right. Once I decide where to move my stitching albums I will update that link both here and on my website.

In between the sniffling and researching and moving photos I did find a little stiching time:

Shepherd's Bush - 2008 Scissor Fob

Remember when I said I was spoiled? It was absolutely confirmed when I received this too-gorgeous-for-words box all the way from Thailand. Diane had mentioned it was on the way but to be honest, I thought it was for one of the many "future" projects we've talked about, I never dreamed it was all for me. I truly don't know what I've ever done to deserve such warm, caring and generous friends but am thankful each and every day to have them in my life.

Til next time.....

Oops! I knew there was something more. I'll gladly share cookies with all of you as long as you promise to put up with the recipes that don't quite work, you promise not to give me grief when your Christmas cookies arrive just in time for Valentine's Day and lastly, you must promise to share! Um, I think a disclaimer is in order here - you promise not to hold me responsible should my little sister decide to hunt you down for taking "her" cookies.

Cathy - long time, I need to send you an e-mail, mom was thrilled to see you in AZ.

Carol, those e-mails are coming soon, I promise! :)

Petra, thanks for stopping by!

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Blogger Katrina said:
Gorgeous box, what a nice gift! Love your finish too. Hope you are feeling better soon.
Gorgeous gorgeous box and I love the fob - love the ribbon now I'll just have to find some just like it. Oh and now I can't wait to get my early Christmas cookies round about my birthday next year (April 30th). Love you heaps Patti xxx
Blogger Carol R said:
I hope you are feeling better? Wow Deb what a stunning box - I know you deserve it! Pretty fob too. Keep warm - that snow looks really cold to me - pretty but cold! Look forward to the mails :-)
Blogger Nicole said:
Hi Deb,

I'm sorry you're not feeling well! I can't believe all that snow! I've been complaining the last few days because it's been so hot down here - in the 80's! Your fob is beautiful! I just love it. I'm going to have to order it one of these days! Your box is just beautiful too! What an heirloom, that was so nice of Diane!!
Anonymous Anonymous said:
The fob is really nice!!!
I enjoyed looking at all your nice needlework today.
Nice Blog!

Blogger Wawanna said:
Oh my! That is the most beautiful box, are you ever blessed with such a wonderful friend! Diane is surly an awesome lady, she recently sent me signed copies of two of her most recently released designs. She is so gracious & very generous. Love your blog, I haven't visited nor made many comments this year, but that will change soon!