March 8, 2008

Tagged, the flu and eBay.....

I've been tagged by Carol to share 7 weird or random facts about myself.

The rules:

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To be perfectly honest, I'm just weird - period. I know it and accept it as do most people who know me. LOL That said, here are a few of the least weird or random facts about me:

I don't drink coffee, in fact, the smell turns my stomach

I sit on the floor when I'm stitching

I really dislike shopping at the mall

I hate wearing shoes and am barefoot whenever possible

I'm tagging (if they want to play):

Ugh, the flu. It ran through my family one by one and despite my telling everybody to stay away, I ended up with it. Almost everybody I talk to has either had it or knows somebody who's had it. It's been a slow recovery but I'm just about feeling human now. I hope you all are well and taking care.....

Being sick(er) forced me to relax in bed with the laptop which allowed time to finally finish a new template. I know it's quite different but I've really had fun putting it together.

I also got a start on the big move of my stitching albums, for the time being they are in the same place as my finishing album. I don't want to change the link in the sidebar with half in one album and half in the other but will once the move is completed.

I thought I'd take a minute to post about one of the latest changes on eBay - the new search page. If like me, you find it user UN-friendly, you can change back to the old search format. Simply scroll to the bottom of any search page, there should be a link to opt out of the new search format. Just my opinion but right now it's too difficult to navigate, especially when you want to search item descriptions in addition to titles.

I'll leave you with a picture of my Christmas cactus - I should quit calling them that. All this crazy weather has postponed the blooming season, they're almost Easter cactus at this point.....

and lastly, my one and only stitching stash addition since my last post. Not sure how I feel about the linen yet but the snowman is very cute.

Til next time.....

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Blogger Debs said:
You've been linked to, and I think I actually did it right.
Blogger Carol R said:
Oh Deb - your new look is lovely. Love your random facts but do you really eat peanut butter and tomatoes in the same sandwich??
Blogger Deb said:
Yes my dear Carol, I do indeed eat peanut butter and tomato on the same sandwich. :) It's one of those family things that I can trace back to at least my great-grandmother. Give it a try sometime, you might be surprised! Just make sure to try it with a good home grown tomato.
Hi Deb, your new look blog is very pretty. It was quite a job changing over my album from Epson and you have such a lot in yours so I imagine it would be quite a mission. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the tagging challenge but I am really a pretty boring person and can't even think of seven interesting facts about me that anyone would want to know :)
Blogger Rebekka said:
Hi. I've visited your blog before, but this is my first comment. I totally agree with you on the new Ebay search pages. I've just completed a survey on the Ebay "playground", and gave them my opinion on this new search format. Maybe they'll get rid of it altogether if enough people complain. Until that time, thanks for the "opt-out" tip.

I like your stitching and your sense of humor. Keep up the good work. :)