July 15, 2008


Margaret has selected me as one of the recipients for her PIF and so I am offering the same from me to ... the first three who post a comment on this blog. If there are more than three there will be a draw for the lucky ones - I will do the draw on Wednesday, July 16 and post the lucky three here so watch to see if you are it ;-). The three selected will receive a handmade PIF gift from me within 365 days and the only condition is that they in turn do the same thing on their blogs.

Postdated to move to the top - Joann in Tx and Laurie in Iowa, could you please contact me via e-mail?


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Anonymous Anonymous said:
i would love to receive a PIF! it has been so busy and stressful at work that receiving something sometime within the next 365 days would be a wonderful surprise!

but as i have no blog and currently no time to stitch something i guess you'll have to pass on my name! :)

i do PIF's periodically threw out the year, but they are sometimes not stitching related.
Blogger Melissa said:
Hi Deb!

I would love to receive a PIF from you. BTW, thanks for the ecard. Surgery is tomorrow.

Anonymous Anonymous said:
I would love a PIF from you ... though I don't think anyone reads my personal blog anymore (that would be because I haven't had the heart to write in it for some time now ... ), so I might have to make the PIF offer on INN, LOL ...
Blogger Lisa V said:
Hi, I would love to be included in your PIF. Your work is beautiful.
Thank you.
Blogger angelasweby said:
Deb, hello there,
I've just come across your blog quite by accident and I wanted to tell you how much pleasure it has given me - especially today when I really needed some cheering up :>)
If I am not too late I would love to be considered for your pay it forward. I am in the process of stitching some pay it forward gifts. One is done and due to go in the post and another is almost done. I don't have a blog but I will be loading pictures onto my picturetrail here as soon as they are received:


Thanks again for the wonderful inspiration.
I'm just popping back to your last post as i wanted to ask you a question if you don't mind :>)
Warm wishes Angela
Blogger Debs said:
Okay, I give up. I tried to ignore your PIF because I didn't think I could fit it into my stitching schedule but its such a great idea--and it doesn't matter who it gets sent to? You can put me on the list.
Anonymous Anonymous said:
Please put me in the draw for the PIF. Maybe that will get me stitching faster!
Thanks Deb!

Anonymous Anonymous said:
I'd love to receive one of your PIF gifts. Please add my name to the drawing.

I don't have a blog... but I will create PIF gifts for others, as I've done in the past when I've received a PIF gift.