September 28, 2008

Rhapsody In Red Part IIII.....

At long last Rhapsody In Red part 4 is finished. This set marks the end of the smalls so it's on to the casket next. I hope you've enjoyed the journey as much as I have.

The cover photos:

Chatelaine, Needle Book, Thimble Nest & Needle Threader

And a few additional pictures:


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Blogger Loreta said:
That's absolutely beautiful! Great job!
Blogger Carol R said:
Absolutely stunning Deb!
Blogger Dovilė said:
fantastic! super!
Blogger Diane said:
Don't say too many nice things about her will go to her head!!! Loves!!!
Blogger Deb said:
That's just wrong Ms. Diane, keep in mind I can always hold all these lovely models captive. :)
Oh my Deb - these are just absolutely positively EXQUISITE! Of course some credit has to go to Dianne. JUST LOVE IT. Sorry not been around lately. Lots and lots of love Patti xxx
Anonymous Anonymous said:
WOW! Absolutely stunning! Beautiful work, Deb and Diane!
Anonymous Anonymous said:
that is fantastic.. i love the colours and the patterns oh just about everything well done.
Blogger Anne S said:
Wow, wow, wow - this whole series is an absolute dream ... love, love, love 'em :D
Anonymous Anonymous said:
I love all these pieces!! You have done a wonderful job on them!
Can't wait to get the casket!!
Blogger Ginte said:
This is wonderful!

Yesterday I have received my order with the fabric from you. Thank you so much! You can see my blog about it here:
Blogger Lana said:
SOOO beautiful!!! Good job on a gorgeous finish!!