February 14, 2007


I'm slowly but surely making changes to my photo album and e-mail. There's a storage limit for the photo album that I am constantly battling and e-mail, well, they can't seem to explain why all those e-mails concerning an appendage I don't have make it through but legitimate e-mail doesn't.

The finishing album has been moved to it's own home. The link is over in the right column under the My Links heading. Once the move is complete, I'll be removing it from my main album.

Also under the My Links heading is a link to my website. There's really nothing there other than links but they will always be current.

If you are having problems reaching me at my main e-mail address, please try the one that pops up when you click the contact me link at the bottom of the right hand column.

Still having problems reaching me? There are guestbooks on both albums and my website. Messages left there are seen only by myself.

Thanks for the comments on the fob, it is a lovely design.


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