February 20, 2007

Market Goodies.....

So I caved, I normally have no problem waiting on the new market releases. 2 designs caught my eye this year and all willpower flew right out the window.

With little to no stitching time right now, I'm going to need to try and find my lost willpower, it's going to be hard to wait on these 2!

Another package with gorgeous fabric arrived (did I say that my fabric stash was getting out of control?)


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Me, too, on the peacock chair, except I think what I did was more akin to leaping than caving ... I hope it holds my weight when I land, LOL! I don't think I'll ever do a shoe/slipper type of design ... I always find myself suddenly smelling FEET when I see one. Yikes. ;>)
Blogger Kali said:
oooh both the market designs are fabulous! I especially love the slipper :)
One of those armchairs slid into my basket last week too, lol.

I got an email yesterday to say it'll be here within 10 days. Whoo hoo!

I better find somewhere that sells extra time now...........
Blogger Andrea said:
oh. my. goodness!! I absolutely LOVE all that yummy fabric!! What wonderful things do you have in store for it all? Hopefully some of it might end up on something you finish for me, lol!