March 20, 2007

French Heart and Fabric.....

Remember Su's gorgeous finishing on her Shepherd's Bush French Heart Sampler? I was asked if I could do something similar. I don't normally post pictures of my finishing work here but since I've had several comments about this one I thought I'd share my version of Su's wonderful idea:

The mail has brought several packages of fabric since my last post -

didn't I tell you my fabric stash was getting out of control?

Heather (I think) had asked for me to share where I shopped for fabric. Part of my criteria when I'm ordering is that they sell fat quarters. Since I mainly use the fabric for finishing ornaments etc., I don't need any more than that. That said, I've had a wonderful (meaning no muss, no fuss) experience at the following shops:

The Best Kept Secret
Mama's Log House
Quilt Expressions
The Quilted Kitty
Snowy River Quilts

The Fat Quarter Shop - Also stellar service but despite the name - the minimum yardage in most cases is 1/2 yard.

Thanks everybody for the comments on the slipper. No, I didn't think of feet at all while working on it! :) I'm already plotting another in a different color scheme.

Thanks also for the comments on the blog template. I've made some changes that hopefully make it easier to read. I've also tried to use the same template on my webpage but have run into a small problem (the red solid bar that runs across the top), if anybody can help me fix it I would really appreciate it.

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Blogger Katrina said:
its just beautiful Deb, enjoy your new fabrics :)
Blogger Katrina said:
Love your fabrics! The finishing is absolutely gorgeous, loved Su's and I love yours :-).
Blogger lena-lou said:
Deb your bag finish is as gorgeous as Su's :-))) This finish really does work so well with this design and by the way lovely, lovely fabrics :-)
Take care
Blogger Susimac said:
It looks lovely Deb, really gorgeous. Love your fabrics - I see we have the same taste of fabrics I have nearly all the ones you have just got!!
Blogger Andrea said:
Oh, I can hardly wait to get my hands on my French Heart purse, the pictures look so pretty!
Love all of the fabrics too :)
Anonymous Anonymous said:
Deb that is absolutely incredibly gorgeous! You are a real inspiration...every thing you finish is lovely!

I've been missing in action and couldn't wait to see what you've been up to...........fantastic finishes, just as expected :D

The template looks just fine on your webpage for me. The bar is in just the right place on Mozilla. Or did you manage to fix it before I got there? lol