March 11, 2007

Shhhhh, don't tell.....

Not feeling my best this week and still dealing with some computer issues I decided I needed a little diversion (at least that's what I kept telling myself), Ella's Slipper has been calling my name since it came through the door.

Isn't it beautiful? Kudos to Jackie for such a wonderful design!

I made a few changes - I didn't have green pins that I liked but did have the purple that match almost perfectly. Also didn't have a dupioni silk in the right shade for the sole so I used the same linen there. I would recommend having some fray check on hand for both the ribbon and the doctor's flannel.

I've been making more changes to the appearance of this blog and in that vein, I've decided to stick with this template for the time being. There's a huge difference in appearance to me with this new monitor as compared to the old one - everything is much lighter. So with that, please let me know your feelings on it - is it hard to read? Is it too light? I figure if it's bothering my eyes it must be bothering others also. :)

Thanks for the welcome back! Debs - the linen is R&R French Vanilla. Sounds yummy, doesn't it?


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Anonymous Anonymous said:
Ella's slipper is gorgeous. You are so clever - as always. I think your blog is just perfect too.
Blogger Debs said:
Ella's slipper is gorgeous. What great work you do.
Blogger Nicole said:
Deb, that is just gorgeous!!! I'm so amazed at all you do! :)
Blogger lena-lou said:
I LOVE this slipper and have since I first clapped my eyes on it. You have made a 'perfect' job of it.

I think your blog and template look really nice by the way :-))
Blogger Tammy said:
Your work is amazing. The slipper looks perfect.
Anonymous Anonymous said:
That shoe is fit for Cinderella right after she's had a pedicure!
Your slipper is a triumph! I haven't bought the chart yet but it just moved up a number of slots on the wish list. Wow!

On the whole, I like your blog. I have been playing around with mine for a while too. I had chosen something along the lines of what you have now but I haven't made the switch because I think the font color is a little too light and the resolution of the font is grainy. I may switch to it anyway as I've long tired of the dark look I have now.
Blogger Susimac said:
Its incredibly stunning and you have finished it so beautifully - as always.

I don't mind this template and new style of your blog it looks good on my screen.