March 4, 2007

Woohoo again.....

and I'll even tell you why this time! LOL

The new computer is in place and thanks to my brilliant brother's advice some years back, all my files, e-mails and photos are intact. I'm still having some difficulties getting the scanner to work so for the time being, pictures will have to be with the camera and we all know that's not something I exactly excel at. :(

No personal stitching time at all during all this, I have nothing to show except a few goodies I ordered from Village Mountain Stitchery during their Valentine's Day sale, ongoing through the 14th.

Heather - ewwwww, you could have kept that one to yourself! I'll probably think of feet the entire time I stitch it now!

Andrea - of course you'll see some of that fabric soon but I'm not telling which.

Kali - they are both beautiful designs, my willpower is fading fast.

Silver Thistle - I haven't forgotten you, I promise! The design I used for the biscornu is from The Sweetheart Tree, it's the Amadeus Pinwheel Sachet. Unfortunately, it's a class project. I'm still digging through stash that's boxed away but I have a feeling I no longer have it.

Thanks for visiting!


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Blogger Katrina said:
Great stash acquisitions! I love VMS's sales, Carolyn is so sweet.
Oh ... er ... um ... how about bunny feet -- chocolate covered, of course? Glad to see you're back and to hear you didn't lose important stuff (other than time)!
Blogger Deb said:
Katrina, Carolyn is a sweetheart!

Heather, chocolate covered bunny feet is much better! LOL I've whined about it before but yes, time always seems to be the issue, doesn't it? Can you guess one of the first things to go through my mind when the computer started going? It was oh no, now I have to start that saga of an e-mail to Heather all over again!
It must be the week for reconnecting and new computers! I've just managed to get back on this week too! lol.

Thanks for the info about the biscornu! It's just adorable and I'll keep my eye's peeled, in case anyone is having a clearout on ebay, lol.

That fabric is just wonderful! I'm loving it totally! You always seem to come up with such cool stuff. My wish list just keeps getting longer and longer and longer...........heheh.

Nice to 'see' you back :)
Blogger lena-lou said:
So nice to 'see' you back online and great news about all the important stuff still being there :-))
Blogger Debs said:
Glad to see you back online. Wow, that fabric is great--what are you going to do with it? Great haul, and that top project looks very interesting.
Blogger Unknown said:
Fantastic that you are back Debs. Some lovely looking stash there....