December 18, 2007

In A Nutshell.....

Life has been insane these past few months, I'm alive, perhaps dragging my fanny a bit, but still alive. Nothing like receiving daily e-mails asking if I'm okay to make me realize just how long ago my last post was. :)

A few highlights in pictures:

My first Trick or Treater the past 2 years, isn't she adorable?

An unexpected treat sent by a lovely lady who shall remain nameless, thank you again!

A long awaited fall season finally arrived

bringing the last blooms of the season

and finally the first snowfall that somehow made it's way on to the front porch.

Periwinkle Promises - 2004 JCS Christmas Ornaments Issue

The only stitching since I can't remember when - a biscornu for a Christmas exchange on the Just A Thought bulletin board.

To those who have been waiting and waiting and still waiting on long overdue replies to your e-mails, I'm starting to catch up - I think my draft box has more e-mails than my inbox - you'll be hearing from me soon. :)

Thanks for visiting - I really do appreciate it.

Happy Holidays!

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Anonymous Anonymous said:
A merry Christmas to you, Deb !!
Blogger Anita said:
Your biscornu is so pretty. Great pictures. Happy holiday to you and your family.
Just popping by to wish you and yours a VERY Merry Christmas!

Looking forward to hearing all your news in 2008!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful biscornu. I'm envious, lol. I didn't manage even one little one this Christmas...........I've got big plans for next year though, hahahah.

The snow looks sooooo festive!!!
Anonymous Anonymous said:
Oooh, that biscornu is absolutely exquisite! Just wanted to drop by and wish you all the best for the rest of the festive season, and hope 2008 is a wonderful year full of peace, joy and happiness :)