July 21, 2008


It's been so long since I've been stash shopping I'd almost forgotten how much fun it is to open the package and drool. I'd also forgotten just how quickly my fingers start itching and how hard it is to resist the urge to start one of them right that minute. Sorry about the pictures, still trying to get used to a new camera.

The butterflies have been playing out in the garden, I caught this one while trying to hunt down an elusive and unusual black and white striped beauty who appears to be camera shy.

Thanks everybody for the comments on the Little House Exchange piece, I really appreciate you stopping by!

I've updated my Stash Sale Blog with some new goodies - floss drops, rings and flower pins.

Til' next time.....

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Blogger angelasweby said:
Wow Deb,
I can't believe you have got Sail Away and She Tends. No wonder your fingers are itching. These designs are wonderful. Now you need to book some time with yourself so you can enjoy stitching them :>)
Hugs, Angela
Blogger Deb said:
Hey Angela,

What a brilliant idea! I'll just add myself to my schedule, why not? LOL
Blogger Jane said:
Wahoo!!! What a great stash haul. I know what it's like when you get some new goodies and can't wait to start them. Have fun with your new stash.
Blogger Carol R said:
OK Deb - you have another Award - come visit me!
Blogger Debs said:
Nice to see you finally got something for yourself! Enjoy that stash!
Blogger Veronica said:
Oooh is that She Tends I see? I ordered it too. Waiting for my stash mail to arrive ^.^ I bet my fingers will be itching too once I'm holding it in my hot little hands.
Blogger Lisa said:
Great new stash! I'm in a new stash/itchy fingers high as well. Bought about 20 new charts, and started 4 of them, I never liked the idea of a rotation, but I have somehow fallen into one, lol.