September 20, 2008

I'm here.....

Just a quick post because the emails are starting to come in asking if I'm okay - I am, just feeling the licks of the whip from over in Thailand. :) I'm racing to finally get Rhapsody In Red 4 finished and as always, I am way behind in replying to emails.

I'll leave you with pictures of the effect the rains have had on the yard and the recent flooding from Ike.

It started with the rains in July - a hole about the size of a basketball. The rains in August left this -

Filled it with concrete and had a plan for topsoil and sod next spring until both Gustav and Ike came through and collapsed a portion of it -

This is the park next to the Missouri river after it had already crested. Those are park benches you see in the water -

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Blogger Carol R said:
Glad to hear you are ok Deb - I was beginning to worry!

Sorry to see what the rains/flooding has down to your garden but you are safe and that's what matters!

*Much hugs*
Blogger Unknown said:
Glad to hear you are ok. wow to the park picture! it is interesting to see the after affects of those sort of weather conditions as we hear about it on the news here in the UK but do not get visually exposed much to the extend of the damages. i always hope the bloggers i know in those areas are ok.
Anonymous Anonymous said:
i am so glad that you are okay the garden can eventually be fixed and the park will drain hopefully but at least you are all okay thank god..
Anonymous Anonymous said:
Oh my goodness! Those park benches are goners! I'm glad you're ok though. Hopefully the worst is over for the year.