September 13, 2008

A Queen, at last.....

After what seems like a 100 pictures, here she is at last, at least this was the best of the lot. I used silk ribbon on both the ruffles and the curly ribbon at the top. Hidden in the folds of the ruffles are tiny crystal pins matching the yellow-ish stripes in the sheep.

Shepherd's Bush - Queen Sheep

I've had a few e-mails asking why I changed the saying over in my profile (how observant some of my readers are!) - seems the insanity one was popular. :) I'm not saying it won't be back but for now, the new one is more appropriate for some things I'm going through.

There's so much nasty weather every where you look right now, please everybody be safe.

As always, thanks for visiting!

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posted by Deb at 9:22 PM |


This is beautiful.
Blogger Andrea said:
It's adorable Deb! When I get my Queen stitched and sent to you, I'd like it done JUST LIKE THIS ONE, lol! Big surprise, huh?

Blogger Carol R said:
Beautiful Queen Deb but how did you get the ribbon to curl at the top? Please can I see the crystal pins too?
Anonymous Anonymous said:
Just lovely ! I am as curious as Carol about the ribbon curls !!
Blogger Nicole said:
Beautiful Deb!! I love it! :)
Anonymous Anonymous said:
Very cute finish! I love the curly ribbon!
Blogger Veronica said:
Gorgeous pin keep, Deb. Love the ruffles ribbon effect.
Blogger Katrina said:
It's so pretty! I love how you've finished it.
Blogger Debs said:
I love Queen--you did great with it! What fabric did you use for backing and how did you curl that ribbon that way? It looks so much different than framing.
Blogger Cathy Lloyd said:
So clever! I absolutely LOVE it!
Anonymous Anonymous said:
i think that your pin keep is gorgoeus and i love the ruffles.. it just seems to make it complete. i also think your saying is quite apt i like it it makes you think.. thanks for sharing and caring.
Blogger Lelia said:
awesome pin keep : )Sorry to see the pictures of the flooding. We had some, too. Glad we haven't seen a rain drop in over a week!!
Anonymous Anonymous said:
I really like how you've finished this!
Blogger Jane said:
I love this finish, Deb.
I just LOVE this to pieces. Guess who is going to have to finish this for me? I will only give you one guess. Lots and lots of love Patti xxx