October 21, 2008

Stash and a surprise.....

I found this poor forgotten post in my drafts last night. :( Bad habit of mine, I hope I'm forgiven.

This surprise package arrived on my doorstep from Ms. Diane. Again I thought it was for another purpose and was surprised when she told me they were for me. :) Personally, I think she is trying to draw me over to her dark side, have you see her scissor collection? She's always accusing me of dragging her to the dark side of stitching smalls, maybe this is her way of getting even! If so, I'll gladly and quietly come along.

Also not to be forgotten, more fabric stash:

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Blogger Carol R said:
Oooo scissors! Don't tempt me - you know how I love scissors!
Blogger Diane said:
Your sweet bag exchange gift is lovely!!!! I'm glad you like the scissors. You can NEVER have enough scissors.
Anonymous Anonymous said:
the scissors look great i bet you are pleased..