November 9, 2008

HOE Floss Tag exchange to Sharon.....

I heard from Sharon that she had received my floss tag exchange package. For some reason this exchange caused me more anxiety than any other, maybe because it's the last exchange I'm participating in this year. I changed my mind several times on the stitched portion but ended up going back to the first design I picked, a sweet little fall design from Merry Cox.

CarolG & Coco - thanks for your help on the PS design.

CarolR & Tammie - I'd love to swap but I doubt you'd like to now, our silly weather has changed yet again with highs in the 40's forecast for the entire week.

Joann - let me know if you haven't found the Amy Butler pattern.

Until next time, whenever that might be.

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Blogger Carol R said:
A beautiful exchange tag Deb - great pattern! I like the way you used a covered ring for the tag and of course your floss drops are gorgeous.
Blogger CarolG said:
I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you but I thought I would remember which blog I had read this on and then I couldn't find it (remember it) ....I finally did check and I do have two Spring PS freebies...I don't need to swap anything, I certainly don't need two of these. If you send me your address, I will put this in the mail today.
Blogger Coco said:
It was a pleasure to help you Deb ))))
Anonymous Anonymous said:
deb, i googled the frenchy bags and thats as far as i got! :( too much going on right now...?!!

love the tag! and here i thought they *HAD* to be done w/rings and grometts! what a great idea using the covered ring!
Blogger angelasweby said:
Deb hi there,
I don't know why you were anxious about this exchange when, once again you have come up with, not only a beautifully stitched tag but also some lovely gifts :>) I love this little Merry Cox design and the way you have finished it.
Warm hugs, Angela
Deb, Absolutely SUPERB! Love the floss tag - it's so scrummy. Your stitching and finishing is Aaaaaamazing! Lots of Love Patti xxx