January 23, 2009

Quaker Motif Scissor Pocket - A Token Of Love.....

I had the pleasure of finishing this design from Barbara Bernard last fall. Since then I've received quite a few emails asking for details on where it could be found.

Until last week, my answer has been 'I just don't know'. By pure dumb luck (again!) I was able to contact Barbara and she has graciously decided to make the chart available.

If you are interested in the chart, please email me using the Contact Me link above and include Quaker Motif Scissor Pocket in the subject line for Barbara's email address.

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posted by Deb at 1:49 AM |


Очень красиво получилось!
Just gorgeous and I love it both the stitching and finishing. You are an AMAZING finisher and stitcher too of course. All my Love Patti xxx
Blogger angelasweby said:
Goodness Deb, it's beautiful and you have finished it in your usual exquisite way.
Thanks for sharing the information on it with us :>)
Warm hugs, Angela
Blogger Natasha said:
Wow it is beautiful!
Anonymous Anonymous said:
I love this! Thank you for sharing the information, I will email you for Barbara's details.
Blogger Jane said:
They're just devine, and how wonderful you are to help out those who are interested in the chart. Beautifully finished too btw!
Blogger Anna Zont said:
It's great! I love it! : )
Anonymous Anonymous said:
Deb, I can't find your email address right now and don't use Outlook so cannot get it from your website. I would be interested in Barbara's email for the scissor pocket chart. Thanks...pj
Blogger Amy said:
I sent you an email for Barbs details.......I really enjoy your blog.....Amy
Anonymous Anonymous said:
i sent you an email .. hope to hear from you soon, ... thank you.
Blogger Moreen said:
Thank you for sharing , I love your pocket and the stitching is perfect.

I have emailed you for the details.
Blogger Gina E. said:
18 months down the track and I have only just discovered a source for this gorgeous pattern! My email has been sent.