August 28, 2007

A Little Stitching.....

is better than none, at least that's what I'm telling myself this week. :)

Remember the Indigo Rose freebie I was looking for a couple of posts back? That was my intended project this week. I couldn't realistically set aside an entire day but made a good start. I had planned on finishing it as a biscornu but then wasted part of my allotted stitching time brainstorming a different finishing technique. I hope it works out as I'm seeing it in my brain, if not, well, it won't be the first or the last time an idea has tanked. LOL

I'll leave you with a progress picture, hopefully to be followed with a completed picture next week:

Indigo Rose - Twilight


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August 14, 2007

I received another one of those "feel good" packages from another dear friend this week, I had been told it was coming but had no idea of the contents, was I ever surprised when I opened it!

She not only made both the beautiful crystal scissor keepers but designed and stitched the gorgeous biscornu just for me. Knowing she doesn't have much stitching/crafting time lately makes them all the more special. :)

I think I've contacted everybody who inquired about the stash list, if I missed you please let me know.

Thanks to the help from a wonderful friend, the Twilight chart has been located.

Off to tackle e-mail again, I don't think I'll ever get caught up but do intend to put a dent in it today. LOL


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August 11, 2007

Wishing Sheep....

You know how they say you should allow yourself a cheat day when you're on a diet? I've decided that rule applies to stitching too. :) While not exactly cheating, I'm setting aside at least one day a week to stitch because not stitching is making me a very cranky lady.

Wishing Sheep - Shepherd's Bush

The color of the linen is not quite right, it's called Pink Whisper and is more pink-lavender than what is showing here.

In my ongoing efforts to organize I've given my stash a good hard look and have a few class kits and charts that are looking for a new home, I promise the price is right. If you'd like to see the list, please either leave a comment or e-mail me.

Given that I am trying to weed out stash and get organized I know this next bit will sound funny but you know how it is when you see a design you have to have! I'm looking for a freebie from Indigo Rose called Twilight.

I started something new that I'm going to try and stick with - I'm replying to comments when they are made rather than typing the same blanket thank you to those of you who comment on my posts, I've always felt a little awkward about that. LOL

Hope everybody is staying cool, I'm counting the days until fall is here.....


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August 6, 2007

More Random Stuff.....

I still have no stitching time so I thought I'd share a few finds that might be of interest.

This little gizmo was recommended by my brother as an answer to my never ending concerns over losing all the pictures and documents on my computer. It holds 2gb of data, plugs right into any open USB port. Microsoft has a free program called SyncToy, very useful to back up or transfer files. Can be found for around $20 on sale in my area, worth any price for peace of mind.

Another never ending concern is getting organized. I found this last week at Hobby Lobby, $19.99 regular price but even better at $12 with the 40% coupon.

Found at Michaels for around $3, the perfect size to make one of those fabulous cross stitch and fabric covered tins. Measures approximately 5" x 3" x 1.5".

Pretty high on my list of lovely surprises are unexpected packages in the mail. Sent by one of my dearest and perhaps the oldest (to clarify, I do not mean she is old age wise) of my internet friends, I can't even remember now exactly when/how we met. Neither here nor there, I spent a considerable amount of time playing with the crystal pins, dupioni, buttons, ribbons and linen. Thank you again.

Completely random and non-stitching related - 7 months ago I decided to switch a couple of prescriptions to Walmart to take advantage of their new generic drug program. One of those precriptions was for Levoxyl - Walmart's generic version is Levothyroxin. Despite an increase in the dosage, I noticed a return of my old symptoms. Knowing that it takes some time for the levels to even out, I decided to stick it out for the entire 6 months. No improvement, in fact, I continued to feel worse. After speaking with both my doctor and the pharmacist, I discovered that not all thyroid replacement medication is equal. The amount of thryoid hormone is the same but each manufacturer uses different binders and that can make a big difference. I'll be switching back to Levoxyl but thought this information might be helpful to anybody else going through the same thing.

Please do not think I am knocking Walmart, that is simply not the case. I think both they and Target have done a great thing with these programs.

As always, thanks for visiting and for the comments, I am so very bad about leaving comments when I visit your blogs but I'm working on it. :)

The rick rack on the SB fob was their brilliant finishing idea, it is included in the kit. It was a little tricky but well worth it.

I truly wish I could take credit for the beaded bookmarks but no, I don't make them. Most of them came from talented eBay sellers.

I think I've blathered long enough, til next time....

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