September 28, 2007

Catching up.....

This will be a long post, can't believe another month has passed. Somebody please let me know how you slow time down.


My stitching day a week fell by the wayside, all I have to show for the past month is a Halloween fob from Shepherd's Bush:

Shepherd's Bush - Happy Halloween Scissor Fob


I did find some time to do a little baking, cupcakes based on a recipe in my local paper, they were supposed to be cherry limeade but since lemon is one of my favorites in cake and pies, I decided that was the way to go.


There are 14 years between by youngest sister and I, this has posed all kinds of interesting situations over the years. She is only 4 years older than my oldest child, it was not unusual for people to assume I was her mother also. She found all those lovely ways to embarrass me when she was young - out in public, talking as loud as possible, you know the questions kids ask that just leave you wishing the floor would open up and swallow you?

I had thought when she went away to college her ability to mortify me would end but found out during her second summer home that was not the case. Picture an evening out at a local pub, an evening of burgers, beer, pool playing and darts, me with a date. Newly legal to drink, she'd probably had a beer too many and was very goofy. :)

As it always happens, in that moment when there isn't another sound and again, talking as loud as she could, she informed my date and everybody else in the place that she'd seen me without a bra and my boobies sagged.

I should say that I was just bouncing back from a long illness and surgery that left me about 20lbs underweight, I'm not even sure I had enough boobies to sag at that point. LOL Regardless, I was so stunned by her remark I couldn't even speak.

I never said a word to her about it until last year, when at about the same age I was when this event took place, she had her first child and yes, is less than enamored with her own boobies now. :) She chose to whine to me about it and I finally reminded her of what she'd said to me. Her very loud intake of breath told me she had no clue what she'd said that night.

Out shopping for her birthday card last month, I had several in my hands when something drew me to this card from Red Tree Studios, never dreaming until I opened it just how perfect it was for her.

Stash Enhancement

But of course I had to have the 4 newest Shepherd's Bush kits, the Happy Halloween fob is one of them. I won't have to time to complete either of the other Halloween designs but am planning to make time to stitch the Family Sampler soon. Sure I am.

Just Cute

I just had to share these little cuties, found at Michaels, precut and scored, just a matter of folding and a dab of glue.

That's it for now, next time I'm back I'll have an exchange finish to show as well as the prestitching for a Merry Cox class.

Thanks for dropping by!

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