January 16, 2008

So many things.....

to woohoo about I hardly know where to start! :)

Some of you will remember that both my stitching room television and lamp died at Christmas last year. Apparently that was the start of a tradition that I would very much like to put an end to - this year it was the hard drive on my laptop. After weeks of debating fix or replace, I finally replaced it last weekend. While I wasn't without a computer, the laptop has made my life much easier, less trips up and down the stairs I like to periodically fall down.

I finally finished my Christmas baking last week. I was feeling very bad that packages weren't sent in time for Christmas this year until a friend informed me I wasn't late but 11 months early. I like that kind of thinking!

This year's offerings:

I don't dare send a package without the Buckeyes and Peanut Blossom cookies, the rice crispy treats were an addition for my nephew. The center cookie is a Chewy Pecan recipe that didn't make the cut or, as my oh so tactful uncle likes to say - it was good but we don't need to have that again. LOL

I'm always amused by my sister's insistance that despite the fact that she is married, "ALL" the cookies are hers. Her husband used to let her get by with it but in the past couple of years has started protesting. This has provided some hilarious situations and this year was no different. She woke the day after the cookies arrived to find a message from her husband on the shower wall:

Do I really need to say that checking on "her" cookies won out over jumping in the shower?

Last fall the very same sister asked if I could make her a baby cube for an expecting friend, of course I said sure, no problem, expecting to have it done by the due date. I kept putting it off, mostly due to my indecision on design and colors choices. I was told blue and chocolate brown and couldn't make her understand just how many blue and brown flosses there are. Then I found this too cute Bella Baby fabric and went from there.

Shepherd's Bush - Baby variation

Today's mail brought a package of lovely surprises, I hope you can see the detail on the gorgeous fob, stitched over one and teeny tiny, my initial is on the back side. I am truly blessed to have friends that put up with me and still spoil me rotten.

Also in the mail, the latest addition(s) to my every growing fabric stash. These charms are the perfect size for most finishing projects and I love them.

I think I'll quit here and save other woohoos for my next post but before I go - I've had many e-mails asking the designer/design name of the biscornu I stitched for the JAT Christmas exchange. The original design is in the 2004 Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue. The designer is Periwinkle Promises - Christmas Ornament 2004. I stitched the design as charted but added a row of couched ribbon in place of the four-sided stitch they have charted.

Thanks for the comments on Rhapsody In Red part 2, I truly appreciate your kind words!

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