July 25, 2008

Almost as good.....

as stitching stash is fabric stash. Oh who am I kidding, stash is stash, right? And I do dearly love getting a big fat envelope stuffed with fabrics -

Because I had to make room for the new fabric I took some time to revamp the pictures in my Backing Fabric Sale Album - I removed the Sold Out pieces and new have been added.

Isn't the little birdie pincushion cute? Couldn't pass that one by.


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Blogger Jane said:
What a great range of fabric, and cute birdie pattern. You've done well!:)
Blogger Carol R said:
Cute birdie! Great stash haul - love that sampler fabric
Blogger Melissa said:
Love all of your fabby stash. Looks great!
Anonymous Anonymous said:
I love your new fabrics! Do you mind me asking where you shop for fabric? That spooky owl one is awesome.
Blogger Michele said:
what fun! new fabrics :) and they are great! can't wait to see what you finish with them. Ohhh that is a sweet bird :)