September 9, 2008

HOE Needleroll exchange to Alison.....

I was glad to hear my HOE Needleroll exchange package arrived today. It traveled to Alison in Australia and as always I was worried until I heard she'd received it.

I used a design from Keepsake Stitches called Bunnies In The Berry Patch. Instead of a normal needleroll, I stitched a front and back so it is joined on both sides instead of just down the back. Both the lace and little bunny were from my stash, there's a reason I pick up odds and ends, just never know when they will come in handy. :)

I tried taking pictures of Queen this afternoon but the lighting was terrible so I guess I'll be back again tomorrow.

'Til next time.....

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posted by Deb at 8:43 PM |


Blogger Loreta said:
Great exchange gift! Needleroll is so beautiful!
Anonymous Anonymous said:
Thanks Deb...I love the needleroll!
Blogger Carol R said:
Wish my name was Alison from Australia!
Beautiful needleroll Deb
Blogger missy said:
Gorgeous Needleroll. The entire package is stunning. I think you covered all the NEEDS of a stitcher..a finished piece,a new chart, ribbons, paper, mints and Chocolate!! Yep look perfect to me!!
Blogger Dovilė said:
great gift for Alison, perfect :)