November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving.....

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November 18, 2008

HOE Floss Tag exchange from Jeanie.....

I'm so late posting pictures of the sweet floss tag I received from Jeanie! It's been hard to find enough light to take a decent picture for the past week, sunshine has become a precious commodity.

Just so nobody worries, it might be a bit before I'm back to post again, things are a little crazy right now. :)

Until then.....


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November 9, 2008

HOE Floss Tag exchange to Sharon.....

I heard from Sharon that she had received my floss tag exchange package. For some reason this exchange caused me more anxiety than any other, maybe because it's the last exchange I'm participating in this year. I changed my mind several times on the stitched portion but ended up going back to the first design I picked, a sweet little fall design from Merry Cox.

CarolG & Coco - thanks for your help on the PS design.

CarolR & Tammie - I'd love to swap but I doubt you'd like to now, our silly weather has changed yet again with highs in the 40's forecast for the entire week.

Joann - let me know if you haven't found the Amy Butler pattern.

Until next time, whenever that might be.

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November 3, 2008


can somebody please explain why it was 77 degrees in Missouri in November? And why the forecast is the same for the next 3 days? I'm a gal who dislikes summer and looks forward to fall, winter and spring. Last week the temperatures were low enough that the pilot light on the heater was lit, all the fans were cleaned and put away and slippers and gloves were taken out of storage in preparation. No, I'm not crazy (maybe a little but not about this), a medical condition dictates that I wear gloves outside once the temperatures hit the 50's. I even took a picture and had planned a little celebration post that fall was here. I'm not celebrating but here's the picture anyway. :(

Most everybody knows I'm not really a frou-frou type of person. The one exception are my gloves, if I have to wear them then why not go all out? LOL

I just finished putting together my last exchange package of the year. It's a floss tag and for some reason, what should have been the simplest exchange turned out to be the hardest. Maybe it's because I knew it was the last until next year. Anyway, I'll be back with pictures later this week.

I'm on the hunt for 2 Prairie Schooler designs - Christmas Trees #82 and a freebie called S is for Spring. Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks to you all for the comments on the Halloween Exchange bag! I worried about this one right up until it was finished, I'm glad you like it. Now if the post office would cough it up all would be right in the world. Gwen was out of town and her mail was being held when it arrived at her post office. The delivery confirmation scan shows delivered on the 22nd but she has yet to receive the package.

Joann - I owe you an email, I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I'm behind! I did want to answer your question about the pattern I used - it's from Amy Butler and called Frenchie Bags. I altered it quite a bit and substituted the stitching for what was supposed to be a fabric band. Let me know if you want further info about what I did.

A - I'll email you with details on the fabric, floss and design changes I made on the stitching part.

I'm off to dig a fan back out and am not happy about it!

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