November 21, 2006

Garden Surprise......

It's November, Thanksgiving is but 2 days away, I'm in the middle of the U.S. where it's supposed to be cold this time of year, we've had at least 2 hard freezes. The leaves are gone from the trees and most everything else has died off except the roses, a refreshing splash of color in all the drab surroundings.....


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November 19, 2006

Short and Sweet.......

Things are hectic so I'll make this short and sweet. The stash room is painted and looking spiffy, unfortunately, the chest is still sitting half painted and I won't have time to get to it until after the holidays. :(

On a short note - the only personal stitching I've done in the past month was a last minute Halloween design by Brightneedle - Hatz Bootique. Really cute, it came with a hat button but I couldn't decide where to place it. It traveled overseas where the lovely lady who now owns it will decide where it goes.

On a sweet note, I received a wonderful package from a lovely and generous lady (in the truest sense of the word) in Utah with the most beautifully stitched and finished strawberry from Blackbird Designs. She also sent a Whitman's tin of chocolates, a skein of Gloriana silk in a very yummy color and a lovely card. I loved it all but the strawberry will have a place of honor once I get the room done.

Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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