October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween.....

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October 27, 2008

Legacy Halloween Sweetbag Exchange to Gwen.....

I had a lot of fun making this year's bag even though I made a few mistakes along the way. It was a huge learning curve, the original pattern for the bag was much larger than I needed and had to be reduced to just the right size. Fun stuff when there's a pleat involved. :)

I used part of the sampler from The Prairie Schooler's When Witches Go Riding leaflet for the front band. The back band used the lettering and bird from the same sampler.

I sure hope my partner liked it!

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October 21, 2008

Stash and a surprise.....

I found this poor forgotten post in my drafts last night. :( Bad habit of mine, I hope I'm forgiven.

This surprise package arrived on my doorstep from Ms. Diane. Again I thought it was for another purpose and was surprised when she told me they were for me. :) Personally, I think she is trying to draw me over to her dark side, have you see her scissor collection? She's always accusing me of dragging her to the dark side of stitching smalls, maybe this is her way of getting even! If so, I'll gladly and quietly come along.

Also not to be forgotten, more fabric stash:

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October 20, 2008

Legacy Halloween Sweetbag Exchange from Val.....

It's hard to believe it's almost Halloween but proof arrived this weekend in the form of an exchange package from Val (samplar101). This is the 3rd year I've participated in the Legacy Halloween Sweetbag Exchange. Val sent an eye-popping package - the bag itself is amazing enough but then she stuffed it full of all kinds of Halloween goodies - hand towels, oven mitts, slippers, socks, earrings, a Kelmscott needle minder, candy, hot chocolate, I'm sure I've missed something but it's all in the photos below.

I should be back midweek with photos of the exchange package I sent, yes, late again. Sigh....

Email has once again piled up, the past couple of weeks have been more than hectic, sorry for those of you who were worried. It may take me a day or two to get everything answered but I am working on it.

Thanks to you all for the lovely comments about Rhapsody in Red Part 4 (except you Ms. Diane - paybacks - you know the saying)!

As always, thanks for visiting....


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